File Operation

All operations to load and store the design to disk are located in the menu File. Most of the items are self-explaining. Items need to be explained are:


The selected file is added to the current drawing. Cells will be attached to the cell list. If a cell name already exists, the cell is renamed by adding a number. Identical cells (name and structure) are not added. The existing cell will be used instead.

Update Cells

Replaces existing cells in the current drawing with the same-named cells in the selected file. Cells which do not exist in the current drawing are only added if used by a newly replaced cell. So this feature is useful to update all used cells from a library database.

Next Layout

If more than one layout window is opened, the focus is set to another layout window. If the current displayed cell exists in the other window, this cell is opened at the same location as the currently displayed layout window.


The view of the current cell is printed. The paper format of your printer may be different. The design is sized in a way the current view on screen will be completely visible on the paper, additional parts of the design may get visible. However never anything of the current screen view will be moved out of the paper. With the print feature also a file named print.pdf and is saved in the current working directory. The resolution of printing is much higher as the result of the screenshot function which uses the current resolution of the screen.


The screen view of the current cell is saved to a file. About twenty different graphic formats are supported. Some formats may only be available on some platforms (Windows, Mac or Linux) The screenshot graphic is stored in the screen resolution. Use the print feature to store a higher resolution or use save as with a graphic format. In the last case, the resolution set in the setup dialog is used.