Basic Editing

Creating Shapes

In the Draw-menu as well as in the Draw-toolbar features to create any kind of elements are located. For all elements, the coordinates of the shape are entered by the mouse. Further properties of these shapes are taken from the setup (shapes/defaults). Any property can be edited later with the Properties feature (see below). For some shapes like the polygon a control left mouse click is required to complete the point entry. As always these mouse/key combinations are displayed in the Mouse Help window.


Zooming is possible in any mode with the mouse wheel. With pressing the shift and/or the control key during rotating the mouse wheel a fine zoom is performed. Moving the design view (also called pan) can be achieved by holding the right mouse button while moving the mouse.


In the Select/Edit mode a single element can be selected with a left mouse click. Press and hold the left mouse button will select anything in the resulting rectangle. Further options are available by additional pressing the shift and or control key. Details on these features will be displayed in the Mouse Help window.

A context menu with further features is available with a right-click.

In the Select menu additional select features are available. Also the context menu of the Select Status (in the lower right of the main windows) contains additional select options.

Basic Editing

The Draw menu also contains several features to graphical edit prior created shapes. A move, copy, delete, cut, rotate, mirror and several more features are available. Any of these modification features require to select the shape before call the editing feature and only selected shapes will be modified. Once the editing feature is called the mouse help window will guide you through that mode. A middle mouse click or a control left mouse click will terminate the mode and go back to the default edit/select mode.

Element Properties

With a double click in the Select/Edit mode the properties dialog of the clicked element will be displayed. The resulting dialog depends on the kind of element you have clicked on. All properties of an element can be edited. In the low left, there are additional features to convert the element. Additional features will get visible by pressing the little +.

The same dialog you will see with the Mainmenu/Draw/Properties feature. With that feature, you will have additional options (by pressing shift/control) to choose the element.

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