Chapter 4


Application Programming Interface for all supported scripting languages

Basic Classes

  • dialog a custom input dialog
  • doubleList a list of variables of type double
  • file reading and writing files to disk
  • intList a list of variables of type integer
  • macro functions to get information on the current running macro
  • math mathematical functions as defined in C
  • point a single coordinate of a design or schematic
  • pointArray a list of type point
  • process starting and controlling other processes
  • rect a rectangle in a design
  • stdLib some standard c functions
  • strans a graphical transformation
  • string a character string
  • stringList a list of type string

General/Setup Classes

  • layer a single layer
  • layerTranslator object used to map all layers of a design
  • layers static object with access to all layer
  • project a project with layout and schematic
  • setup static object to all set up data

Layout Editor Classes

Schematic Editor Classes

3d Editor Classes

Text Editor Classes