Class Reference strans

A transformation including angle and scale among others used for placing components. More...


strans( )
strans(strans trans )
strans(string transString )
void clearMirror_x()
double getAngle()
bool getMirror_x()
double getScale()
void reset()
void rotate(double angle)
void scale(double value)
void setMirror_x()
void toggleMirror_x()

Detailed Description

A transformation including angle and scale among others used for placing components or use when placing cell referenes as well as for setting the orientation of text.

Member Function Documentation

strans::strans( )

Creates an new identical transformation.

strans::strans(strans trans )

Creates a transformation with copied data from trans

strans::strans(string transString )

Creates a transformation from a string. Examples: MR90 , R180 or R0 an empty string will also create a R0 tranformation. The R describes the rotation and if an M is present it is mirror about x-axis. (introduced with release 20200217)

void strans::clearMirror_x()

clears the mirror on the x axis

double strans::getAngle()

Returns: the rotation angle of the transformation

bool strans::getMirror_x()

Returns: true, if the transformation includes a mirroring, otherwise false is returned.

double strans::getScale()

Returns: the scale of the transformation

void strans::reset()

Reset the transformation to an identical transformation.

void strans::rotate(double angle)

rotates the transformation with a value of angle. angle is the rotation in Deg.

void strans::scale(double value)

scales the transformation by value

void strans::setMirror_x()

set the mirror on the x axis

void strans::toggleMirror_x()

toggles the mirrow on the x axis