Electronic Design Interchange Format

EDIF (Electronic Design Interchange Format) is a vendor neutral format in which to store Electronic netlists and schematics. It was one of the first attempts to establish a data exchange format for the electronic design automation (EDA) industry. The goal was to establish a common format from which the proprietary formats of the EDA systems could be derived. When customers needed to transfer data from one system to another, it was necessary to write translators from one format to other. As the number of formats (N) multiplied, the translator issue became an N-squared problem. The expectation was that with EDIF the number of translators could be reduced to the number of involved systems.

Using EDIF in the LayoutEditor

An EDIF file can be loaded and stored from the SchematicEditor. It is recommended to use the EDIF format only for import/export. In some cases a manual post processing may be required as the other tool uses the EDIF specification in a different way. If there is any EDIF file not correctly interpreted by the LayoutEditor, please report the problems the to LayoutEditor support team.