Class Reference project

Manager for layout and schematic windows and its linkage. More...


void closeLayout(layout *l)
void closeLayout3d(layout3d *l)
void closeSchematic(schematic *s)
bool defaultGui
textEdit * getCentralTextEditor()
layout* getLayout(schematic *s)
layout3d* getLayout3d(layout *l)
textEdit* getOpenTextEditor()
schematic* getSchematic(layout *lay)
bool hasSchematic(layout *lay)
layout* newLayout()
layout* newSchematic()

Detailed Description

The static project class creates new layout and schematic windows. It can also link both types of windows for a schematic driven layout.

Member Function Documentation

static void project::closeLayout(layout *l)

closes/unregistered the given layout window

static void project::closeLayout3d(layout3d *l)

closes/unregistered the given layout3d window

static void project::closeSchematic(schematic *s)

closes/unregistered the given schematic window

static bool project::defaultGui

If true new layout and schematic windows will have std tool bars and menus. If false any menu and tool bar had to be added by hand.

static textEdit * project::getCentralTextEditor()

Returns: A pointer to the central text editor used to display all reports and error messages.

static layout* project::getLayout(schematic *s)

Returns: a layout window linked with the given schematic window. If a linked layout window does not exist, it will be created.

static layout3d* project::getLayout3d(layout *l)

Returns: a layout3d window linked with the given layout window. If a linked layout3d window does not exist, it will be created.

static textEdit* project::getOpenTextEditor()

Returns: A pointer to an open text editor. Opens a new TextEditor, if none is open.)

static schematic project::getSchematic(layout *lay)

Returns: a schematic window linked with the given layout window. If a linked schematic window does not exist, it will be created.

static bool project::hasSchematic(layout *lay)

Returns: true, if the layout window lay has a connected schematic window.

static layout* project::newLayout()

Creates a new layout window and returns a point to it. In C++ macros please use the keyword class to separate the class layout from the existing pointer layout.

class layout *myLayout=project::newLayout();

static layout* project::newSchematic()

creates a new schematic window