Class Reference components

a static class to handel all components More...


component * findComponent(string name,string lib="")
component * newComponent(string name="New Component", string lib="")
void addLib(string filename)
void removeLib(string filename)
stringList getLibs()
stringList getOaLibs()
stringList getOaCellNames( string lib)
stringList getComponents(string lib)
string getFilename(string lib)
string getPath(string lib)

Detailed Description

a static class to handel all components

Member Function Documentation

static component * components::findComponent(string name,string lib="")

find a component

static component * components::newComponent(string name="New Component", string lib="")

creates a new component

static void components::addLib(string filename)

adds filename to the used libraries. Use the extension .oa to specify a OpenAccess library. In this case no path is required.

static void components::removeLib(string filename)

removes filename from the used libraries

static stringList components::getLibs()

Returns list with all used libraries. Just the core library name is returned. Use getPath() to access its full path.

static stringList components::getOaLibs()

Returns list with all libraries registered in OpenAccess libs.def file. Each single OpenAccess library may be displayed in the components section of the Schematiceditor or not. A library can be added to be displayed there with a call components::addLib("oa_libName"+.".oa"); The extension .oa is required and this function returns the library names without this extension. (introduced with releases 20201230)

static stringList components::getOaCellNames( string lib)

Returns list with all cells in lib. lib must be a valid OpenAccess library. Otherwise an empty list is returned. (introduced with releases 20210102)

static stringList components::getComponents(string lib)

Returns: list with all components in the libraries

static string components::getFilename(string lib)

Returns: the filename with absolute path of the library. This function cannot be used for OpenAccess and internal libraries.

static string components::getPath(string lib)

Returns: the absolute path of the library. This function cannot be used for OpenAccess and internal libraries.