The SOURCE file format (sometimes also called SOU-file) was developed in the 70th in the former UdSSR. It was commonly used in the Eastern Bloc. The SOURCE file format is a binary format and using a single file for each cell. The length of cell names is limited to 6 character. A fix databaseunit of 100nm is used. However in some applications in deviation from the standard a different database units is used.

Using SOURCE in the LayoutEditor

The LayoutEditor can load all record types of the SOURCE file format without any limitations. Also a design can be stored in the SOURCE format. In a first step of storing a design the design will be set to the SOURCE database units, which is 100nm by default, but can be adjusted in the SetupDialog. Also all cell names will be changes to maximal 6 characters. It will be guaranteed, that no identical cell name exists. The file name for each cell will be identical with the cell name of the cell. Cell arrays with negative or non orthogonal spacing are not in the Source file format. Also not supported are rotations other than a multiply of 90°. If such elements exists in the design a warning will be shown. To see the warning please ensure that you have enabled the display of warnings in the SetupDialog.