Qucs Library

Quite Universal Circuit Simulator (Qucs) is an open source electronics circuit simulator with its own schematic file format. The LayoutEditor or more exact the SchematicEditor can open this file format, but it requires information on the used symbols. This information can be imported by hand or more simply by using this library. Feel free to modify and extend this library to your needs.

Using the Library

The QucsLibrary is shipped with the LayoutEditor package and will be installed with it. No additional installation is required. It is displayed in the components libraries. If it is missing, please open it by hand. While opening a schematic created with Qucs any component in the circuit will be searched within this library. If it is missing, an empty component is used which can be replaced by hand with any other component afterwards. If you use a component not included in this library please add it via the NewComponent feature. The EditComponent feature can import components from Qucs library files.