What is the LayoutEditor?

The LayoutEditor is a general editor for layout designs and schematics in all areas like microelectronics, MEMS, nanoelectronic. It works internally with the GDSII file format - the most common file format in this area - and has import/export features to nearly any file format existing in the area.


The applications of the LayoutEditor are very versatile. Here is an overview of the most common applications:

  • creating of new designs in all areas, (microelectronics, nanotechnology, MEMS, chemical sensors, PCB, ...
  • automatic design editing with scripts
  • review and checks on finished designs
  • data preparation for mask production
  • design viewer
  • format conversions
  • integration platform for other design tools


The LayoutEditor project was started in 2004 as an Open Source project. It became very popular. In 2009 the company behind LayoutEditor, named juspertor, was founded and commercial support was established. With the massive extension of the feature, the LayoutEditor has become a commercial software but it can still be used as a free viewer for huge designs as well as a free editor for small designs.