Multi Layer Checks


It is checked, whether the first layer overlaps over the second layer more than the entered distance. Only area above the contact line is respected in this check.


All the area of one layer must be inside other specified layers. You can specify up to 3 layers. Also a space around the inside layer can be checked. An exact, a minimum inside and a maximum inside can be checked.


It is checked, whether there are region on all choosen layers. If so, they are marked as a violation. Up to five layers can be checked.


It is checked, whether two layers have a distance less than a entered value. The value and the two layers are entered in a dialog. The location of the lowest distance will be marked. Alternative it can be checked, if any shape on layer1 has a shape on layer2 next to it which not more than the given distance away. The other way round is not checks. (layer2 has a layer1 next to it)


Two layers with a distance less than a entered value are marked as a violation. If shapes are overlapping, it is not marked as an error. It is adjustable, whether violation away from the overlap (in the example on the left) should be marked as an error.


Shape of two entered layers must have at last a minimum overlap of an entered value. Shapes with a lower overlap are marked as a violation. The location of the violation is marked.


It is check, whether overlapping areas of the two entered layers have a minimum distance. Shapes violation this rule are marked.


Checks for a minimum spaceing, if the width of surronding shapes extends a defined value. Please see example in which cases violations are listed.