Class Reference layout3d

the main window of the 3d editor More...


void addFunctionKey(int key,int function)
void addMacroKey(int key,string macroFileName, string title, string iconFileName)
void addMacroToolButton(string macroName,string parameter,string iconfilenam)
string filename
drawingField3d* drawing
void closeDesign()

Detailed Description

This class is the main window widget of the 3d editor. It can be accessed directly with its class name ''layout3d''. If no 3d windows is currently open, a new window will be created and displayed.


The internal structure of the layout3d class is very similar to the class layout.

Member Function Documentation

void layout3d::addFunctionKey(int key,int function)

Set the feature of an extra keyboard. key is the number of the key. It is numbered from 0 to the amount of keys the keyboard has. function is the feature code of the featur you want to add. As toolbutton, modification of the extra keyboard are not store and it is recommended to set it with an autostart macro. (introduced with release 20210905)

void layout3d::addMacroKey(int key,string macroFileName, string title, string iconFileName)

Will set an key of an external keyboard to a macro. key is the number of the key at the keyboard. macroFileName os the full path of the macro, title the capture and IconFileName the full path of the icon file. (introduced with release 20210910)

void layout3d::addMacroToolButton(string macroName,string parameter,string iconfilenam)

Add a new button to the toolbars. The button will be added to the toolbar 'Macros'. If this toolbar does not exist, it will be created. macroName specifies the file name of the macro to be executed. iconfilename points to the file for the icon of the new button. If the given file does not exist or an empty string is given, the default macro icon is used. The created button will not stored with program shut-down, a further call is required to restore the button, usually as part of an autostart macro that is executed with program start.

string layout3d::filename

The file name of the current displayed design.

drawingField3d* layout3d::drawing

A pointer to the main design.

void layout3d::closeDesign()

Closes the current displayed design.